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Was your last experience with the dentist less than amazing? Do you have old, worn out dentition comprised of bad fillings, damaged teeth, and full of tartar? Advanced General Dentistry wants to help. 

Michael W. Whitecar, D.D.S. and his team want you to visit their office in Towson and receive high-quality dental care to bring out the best in your smile.

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What sets our practice apart is our dedication to providing patients with the best that modern dentistry has to offer. These advances in dentistry give us the tools to help you achieve optimal oral health.

General services offered at our office include:

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Advanced General Dentistry LogoFor more information about the services we provide, call or visit Advanced General Dentistry in Towson and schedule an appointment with Dr. Whitecar. 

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We've Gone Green!

Our practice is proud to announce we've gone green. Our office does everything we can to keep our carbon footprint low and help contribute to a sustainable planet for you and your teeth!

Offering Laser Guided Dentistry

A laser-guided cavity finder improves our ability to detect the beginning stages of decay. While traditional methods would require probing teeth with sharp dental instruments which are accurate only 50 percent of the time, our minimally invasive laser-guided capabilities detect all cavities with 100 percent accuracy.   

Same Day Crowns with CEREC

How often have you needed to replace a loose or poor fitting crown? Going through the process of having impressions taken, wearing a temporary, and finally receiving your crown - only to find out that it doesn’t fit correctly, can hamper anyone’s desire to want another one, let alone want to make another visit to the dentist. Dr. Whitecar promises crowns to last a lifetime, or you can come back to our office and have it replaced at no charge.

Pain-Free Treatments

Have you experienced a dental procedure where the anesthesia has run out? It's painful to even to think about. The Wand uses computer-aided technology that administers the exact amount of anesthesia to meet the needs of each individual as they need it. With the assistance of The Wand, patients have the benefit of receiving pain-free treatment right in the comfort of our office.

advanced general dentistryEmergency Dental Care

Patients suffering from a dental emergency can be seen by Dr. Whitecar within 24 hours of scheduling an appointment.

Patients experiencing dental pain, sensitivity, discomfort, or a knocked out or damaged tooth should call our office to be treated right away. Receiving dental care within one hour of the occurrence of some emergencies can greatly improve the patient’s likelihood of restoring his or her dental health.  


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The overwhelming fear of dental appointments can be a common cause of anxiety.  Many people visualize a drill-wielding man in a white coat just waiting to cause pain and remove teeth.  The reality, however, is very different.  The comfort, relaxation, and happiness of the patient are the primary focus of any good dental practice.  The staff at the practice will do whatever they can to reduce anxiety, allay fears, and provide painless, quick treatments. Recent technological advancements have meant that in many cases, dentists are able to replace...

Dental emergencies are quite frightening and often painful.  Prompt treatment is almost always required to alleviate pain and to ensure the teeth have the best possible chance of survival. Sometimes, teeth become fractured by trauma, grinding, or biting on hard objects.  In other cases, fillings, crowns, and other restorative devices can be damaged or fall out of the mouth completely.  If there is severe pain, it is essential to contact our office immediately.  The pain caused by dental emergencies almost always gets worse without treatment,...

Cosmetic Dentistry in Towson, MD with Dr. Michael W. WhitecarIn the past decade, there has been a dramatic interest in cosmetic dentistry.  We all realize that having a healthy, bright, beautiful smile enhances our appearance and allows us to smile with confidence.  Thanks to the advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, we are able to improve our teeth and smiles with quick, painless and surprisingly affordable treatments. Cosmetic dental treatments can: Change the size, shape, and alignment of certain teeth. Fill in unattractive spaces...

A preventive program is a cooperative effort by the patient, dentist, and dental staff to preserve the natural dentition and supporting structures by preventing the onset, progress, and recurrence of dental diseases and conditions. Preventing dental disease starts at home with good oral hygiene and a balanced diet.  It is continued in the dental office by the efforts of your dentist and dental hygienist to promote, restore, and maintain your oral health. Prevention also includes regular dental exams, cleanings, and x-rays. Sealants and...

Restorative DentistryRestorative dentistry addresses complications with the smile, including chipped or cracked teeth, decay, and gum disease. At Advanced General Dentistry, our Towson, MD dentist, Dr. Michael W. Whitecar, and his team are dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.Call our practice and schedule a consultation. Discover restorative treatments to bring back your smile’s health!Improve and Enhance your SmileIssues like damage, decay, gum disease, and missing teeth can have a great effect on not...

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What is Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

One of the most difficult things we sometimes have to do as dentists is to diagnose and treat cracked teeth. Teeth will crack from a variety of causes, from large old fillings to trauma. Occasionally we will even see a cracked tooth where there has never even been a filling placed in the tooth. One... ...Read More

Bad breath (halitosis) can be an unpleasant and embarrassing condition.  Many of us may not realize that we have bad breath, but everyone has it from time to time, especially in the morning. There are various reasons one may have bad breath, but in healthy people, the major reason is due to... ...Read More

Brushing and flossing help control the plaque and bacteria that cause dental disease. Plaque is a film of food debris, bacteria, and saliva that sticks to the teeth and gums.  The bacteria in plaque convert certain food particles into acids that cause tooth decay.  Also, if plaque is not removed,... ...Read More

Over the years there has been some concern as to the safety of amalgam (silver) fillings.  An amalgam is a blend of copper, silver, tin and zinc, bound by elemental mercury.  Dentists have used this blended metal to fill teeth for more than 100 years.  The controversy is due to claims that the... ...Read More

You should have your teeth checked and cleaned at least twice a year, though your dentist or dental hygienist may recommend more frequent visits. Regular dental exams and cleaning visits are essential in preventing dental problems and maintaining the health of your teeth and gums.  At these visits,... ...Read More

Four out of five people have periodontal disease and don’t know it!  Most people are not aware of it because the disease is usually painless in the early stages.  Unlike tooth decay, which often causes discomfort, it is possible to have periodontal disease without noticeable symptoms.  Having... ...Read More

Brushing our teeth removes food particles, plaque, and bacteria from all tooth surfaces, except in between the teeth.  Unfortunately, our toothbrush can’t reach these areas that are highly susceptible to decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Daily flossing is the best way to clean between the teeth... ...Read More

If you’re feeling somewhat self-conscious about your teeth, or just want to improve your smile, cosmetic dental treatments may be the answer to a more beautiful, confident smile. Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular in the last several years, not only due to the many advances in cosmetic... ...Read More

Porcelain veneers are very thin shells of tooth-shaped porcelain that are individually crafted to cover the fronts of teeth.  They are very durable and will not stain, making them a very popular solution for those seeking to restore or enhance the beauty of their smile. Veneers may be used to... ...Read More

Since teeth whitening has now become the number one aesthetic concern of many patients, there are many products and methods available to achieve a brighter smile. Professional teeth whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to change the color of natural tooth enamel,... ...Read More

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