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About Advanced General Dentistry, Your Towson Dental Professionals

The keys to the highest level of dental care are quality and comfort, two areas we excel in.  A routine exam in our relaxing office is gentle and effective. 

While your concern may be the beauty of your smile, we are also invested in the health of your mouth.  Letting Dr. Thomas Ritter and our dental team review medical history and medications can greatly aid us in developing the best course of treatment.

Patient Comfort - Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Keep You From Seeing Us

Dental visits may cause anxiety for some, but Dr. Ritter strives to make it stress-free – and painless.  The technology we embrace in our Towson dental office ensures every patient we treat receives the most comfortable and expedient care available. One example of our efforts to provide painless dentistry is our application of local anesthesia through The Wand, an innovative handheld device that provides an incredibly gentle experience for the patient.

We also know that informed patients are typically more relaxed ones. We feel it is important to keep the patient informed throughout a dental visit. Dr. Ritter makes it a point to keep the patient apprised of the progression of treatment and offers oral conscious sedation and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) when requested.

The Right Equipment and Experience

Patients of Dr. Ritter are in good hands, trusting in his 30 years of dental experience and the combined 60 years experience of his staff.  They do not, however, need to rely on this experience alone to bring the best treatment to their patients. Striving to remain at the highest level of dental expertise with the longest lasting results possible, Dr. Ritter and staff continually attend education lectures and seminars to provide their patients with the best dental techniques and technology available.
Their Towson office is equipped with the latest equipment, including DIAGNOdent which allows preemptive spotting of decayed areas within the tooth, as well as the CEREC system which makes same-day crown placement a reality. 

With personalized options for financing, we can offer a plan for financing most procedures.  And with our staff’s international diversity, we are fluent in Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, and French!


We proudly keep our offices clean from top to bottom, and our staff is fully trained in the latest infection control techniques to ensure that no patient is put at unnecessary risk, and we also adhere to the standards set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as the American Dental Association.

Give us a call and experience the difference. Many Towson dentists are good but our fantastic staff, relaxing atmosphere, our experience, education, and technology, make us one of the greats.


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