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Advanced General Dentistry is a Green Dental Practice in Towson, Maryland

Going "Green"  Green is not only a color - it's an obligation to our patients and our planet.  We are committed to keeping our patients healthy, as well as minimizing our carbon footprint.  Our approach not only focuses on reducing our environmental impact, but it promotes the use of the latest in technology.

 Following is a list of some of the steps we are taking: 

  • Digital radiography, which not only reduces the radiation our patients receive by 80 - 90%, but eliminates the disposal of hazardous waste and chemicals into the environment.
  • Steam-based instrument sterilization, which contains no harmful chemicals.
  • Recycled paper products and other recyclable office supplies are used in our office.
  • The choice of environmentally friendly clinical products, such as SafeGauze Green, which biodegrades faster and is chemical free.
  • Electronic claim filing, which drastically reduces the use of paper.
  • Non-toxic disinfectants and cleaning products.
  • Waterless hand sanitizers, cutting down on the use of water and paper towels.
  • Our water recycler, which is designed to reduce water consumption by 75% when used with our vacuum system.
  • The utilization of our oil-less compressor system.








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